Japan, Belgium to cooperate in chip production, development


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The only thing that I expect from this collaboration is Belgium chocolate chip.

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Make that chip collaboration with China, it would be a great and unstoppable alliance..

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The pandemic and escalating U.S.-China tensions have highlighted the risks of Japan's reliance on foreign suppliers, especially China, prompting the country to focus on building up its own manufacturing capacity.

It’s the opposite of buildup when you don’t have the demand. Recently, the second largest chip manufacturing company in the United States, Ge-core confirmed that this month they will lay off 800 employees, accounting for about 6% of its total workforce, and subsequent layoffs may continue.

Among the reasons for the layoffs is the loss of Chinese chip orders. This also reflects the reduced revenue from the Chinese market and the impact on its chip industry.

These are good times for Chinese chip makers. Biden has removed their competitors.

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As usual, Japan is late to the party. Japan currently can only produce 40 nm chips. Their goal is to produce 2 nm chips by 2027. Chip maker in Taiwan will produce 2 nm in 2025, two years ahead of Japan while Samsung succeeded in producing 3nm this June. investments in the chip industry in the U.S. is $52.7 billion, the EU at $45 billion and Japan, converted into $ is a paltry 70 billion YEN (app $ 511 million). So after all the investments and money spent, Japan will still be playing catch up. While the collaboration with Belgium is positive, it's still big time catch up without the necessary finance. The party may be over by the time Japan shows up.

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Great beer, good chocolate and the chips are the best if referring to the fried potato ones.

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I’m not so very sure that there’s still any bigger need for semiconductor chips in the late 2020’s and beyond.

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Will the semiconductors be waffle-shaped?

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Aww, look at Belgium trying to be something. Lol.

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