Japan, Britain launch digital partnership on AI, semiconductors


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trying to clean up the supply-demand mess left by lack of foresight over years and years.... or at least setting up a body of bureaucrats to 'tlk about it'....

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Two naturally secretive governments in digital partnership: sounds a little sinister to me.

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Well, I wish good luck. Look, there’s a problem with both. I’m in IT for decades and AI for some years, and such I can tell you this is an illusion in most cases, only good and limited to some routine jobs, audio or visual recognition, handling of bigger data amounts and such, that’s finally nothing else than mass calculating of regressions or multiplication of matrices, mathematically. No extraordinary intelligence involved up to the horizon, especially not an artificial one. And there’s also no extraordinarily big need for those IC chips. Cars don’t really need them to drive, the best cars were produced many years before, at a time with no or only few standard chips and other analogue electronics, then newly produced smartphones, ok, agreed they need chips of course, and laptops again no, because in most cases simply some recycling would do and almost all semiconductors and sophisticated IC processors in older devices would still work very fine. If something is damaged and has to be replaced or newly produced, then in the very most cases it’s anything else but surely not the semiconductors or IC chips and processors.

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Japan, Britain launch digital partnership..............and a 'Digital currency' !!!

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