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Japanese computer-savvy teen designs app to fight pandemic


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“To protect privacy, the data is stored in the phone and is not automatically shared”

i suspect future updates would require us to opt out to prevent this being automatically shared?

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Good for him, but tracking your movements via your phone is already commonplace - assuming you have GPS enabled, then google maps can send you a timeline of where you've been and when.

11 ( +12 / -1 )

Great job Kato-kun!!!

Love to see young minds getting creative in this way. Also a great use of time during this situation.

Want a job?????

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Smart kid. Good for him!

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I like his attempt, but as a Wobot has pointed out, all this information is freely available for Android users in their Location History, No app required.

It does miss the point though. Your location history is pointless if you have no idea if/when an infected person has been there, which this app seems to lack.

Apps being pushed/encouraged by other countries don't use GPS but Bluetooth scanning. You download the app, register your details and the app scans for near by bluetooth enabled devices (which are short range signals, usually to around 10m. Although this can be filtered to closer interactions using RSSI values). If at a later stage someone you have been near carrying a registered BT enabled device tests positive, anyone that person has been near with another app enabled device receives a warning.

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He seems eligible for the PM more than Abe san.

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good for him, we need to more kids to be inventive.

I would recommend more hardware instead of apps,

We need more people in manufacturing now more than ever,

Japan can not depend on China anymore on critical equipment

Japan Inc must go back to " made in Japan" mode

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What a cool kid : )

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Um, Map My Walk has been around for a long time and many others similar.

I am still waiting to meet a Japanese program wizard. Met many cell phone wizards of which I always ask for help...but computer Savvy? Nahhh

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he designed a mathematics application to do division that gives the remainder as a number for the answer

That sounds like modulo:


But well done to him if he implemented it originally by himself.

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He seems to be more than just computer savvy, the phrase sounds like someone is just a little more knowledgeable than most

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Good for him!

However, Google already tracks me 24/7. And they keep reminding me every week when they send me my Timeline!

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This app sounds like one which would go against the privacy rules of Apple (and its App Store).

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Doesn't Google Maps more or less do the same thing?

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This kind of headline about a Japanese young person is sadly so rare in Japan now. Truly heartening.

Here's hoping Japan doesn't suck all that optimism and creative thinking out of him in the future as he progresses through The System...

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