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Japan considering legally binding regulations for AI developers


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Japan is not even the leading country for AI but now try to enact rules that inhibit AI.

Japan will soon release guidelines listing 10 principles, including "human-centeredness" and safe AI use.

In Japan is all about "harmony" whatever that means.

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Just another nail in the coffin of the increasingly irrelevant tech industry here.

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Japan will soon release guidelines listing 10 principles, including "human-centeredness" and safe AI use.

If the AI does away with that "labor-shortage" because those pesky humans want a living wage and does away with all that payroll and taxes, is that "human-centeredness" ?

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Considering! How long will that take?

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...which will be decided by the current party in power.

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It will be extremely challenging to implement such regulations, but it’s better than not attempting any action at all.

More and more sophisticated fake news is a real threat to democracy, so producers of these should be punished extremely harshly from the start to set an example.

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Japan is already sidelined in the AI revolution after showing such early promise. The inability to pivot quickly and innovate has sunk them. So these rules will ensure that any other AI development is not done here because who can be bothered to see if they follow the rules?

My concern is that these rules will extend not only to the developers of AI models but also to people implementing solutions with them!

Sadly, coming on the heels of Amazon announcing more AWS platform infrastructure development would take place in Japan this might squash those jobs for less complicated jurisdictions.

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Folks in the news industry are in a panic over AI because it takes away their ability to act as filters and to put their "correct" slant on the news.

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