Japan Display to produce OLED smartphone panels from 2018


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2018? That's 2 years from now. Meanwhile, Korean and Chinese manufacturers continue to move forward. A little too late to the party.

Japan Inc. needs to develop a sense of urgency if it wants to remain competitive, if not relevant, in this industry.

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Japan Inc seems to be frozen in 1990's technology. Instead of moving to OLED now, why not instead focus on bringing new tech that would make a difference on mobile. Smartphone have 2 big flaws in my opinion (and this does apply also to smartwatch btw). 1) battery life and 2) we can barely see the screen under sunlight and those 2 flaws are heavily connected to the screen. Researches should be made into the direction of fast refresh rate (60hz) color e-ink type of display so we can get an always-on display, readable under sunlight and which will draw current only when updated thus improving battery life.

4 years ago, some display were introduced, sounds like this product never got developed, enhanced in colors and brighness, to the point to be used on a smart device (or e-reader).

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LG and Samsung makes up 95% of the OLED market - a near monopoly right now, and it will only get worse for Japan Display. Japan is looking at 2018, 2 years from now, but by then, LG and Samsung will have foldable and rollable OLED screens that will revolutionize the form factor of everything including smartphones and TV's and even give new high tech transparant OLED screens as windshields on automobiles.

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