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Japanese firms to jointly develop human rights app for foreign workers


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The move, led by JICA, comes amid increased scrutiny by other countries over long working hours and harassment of foreign laborers in Japan. The app will allow technical trainees and other workers to consult with third-party organizations without informing their companies.

After which, their complaints will be forwarded to the proper bureaucratic appointees, and promptly ignored.

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In addition to using artificial intelligence to respond to simple consultations automatically

a vapid mascot, then, and

developers are also considering allowing users to report abusive workplaces and host organizations to local governments

developers believing that local governments that regularly fail to protect their own abused and murdered women and children will somehow intervene over exploited foreign workers.

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Yeah, and...?

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SoftBank Group Corp, Seven & i Holdings Co, Ajinomoto Co, and beverage maker Asahi Group Holdings Ltd will also join the project,

When you want to cut down workplace abuses, trust in a corporation (Seven & i Holdings Co) that has a history of wage theft, especially from their many foreign staff. Put the fox in charge of the henhouse?


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Comedy gold.

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If I remember correctly, there was a similar event around 2010...? Foreigners living in Japan could register on that site and make a question or complaint about rights, work, etc. For the life of me I can't remember the name..

So another "let's unify the previous standards into one standard" style application. If this application/page is not legally binding, but merely a "guideline", then it will be money wasted pointlessly. And I can already imagine the design of the app - like other apps there will be various flashing banners on the front page with irrelevant links, menus, etc. And I wouldn't be surprised if the app has built-in telemetry and sends DNS requests to a few known servers, as is already a "good" habit here (see Paypay, see perhaps all apps from konbini, even banking apps with firebase DNS requests,...).

I would also be quite interested in the price of this app. Because, from what is available, the app will not have a new data source, but will draw on existing data. But like any new application, I have a feeling that the contract will be given to some well-known company for an absolutely ridiculous amount.

Perhaps the ministries could get a grip and organise the information they already provide a bit. Because even after 30 years, it is often a problem for me to get relevant information on the websites of different authorities, and they are often scattered around various obscure links, with the result that then directly on some authority's website, completely different information is provided.

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And if you use it you’re traced and caught for overstaying…lol In other words, is useless for the most affected or exploited ones. You can just kick that software joke into the garbage bin.

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Canned replies are not artificial intelligence. That's called FAQ.

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Canned replies are not artificial intelligence. That's called FAQ

Still takes intelligence of some kind to match maybe nonstandard queries to said canned replies

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Still takes intelligence of some kind to match maybe nonstandard queries to said canned replies

It’s hard to specifically defined the line between an algorithm and artificial intelligence.

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200 Japanese companies and organizations are jointly developing a "contact us" form or what?

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Japanese companies want to make sure the foreigners do not report power hara and law violations to Gov agencies. they want to grab the information of those foreigners to blacklist them...

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I've never heard so many snide and cynical remarks for something they've never seen or used. It hasn't even been developed yet.

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If you are working in Japan, I recommend the Tozen General Labor Union.

Anyone may join a union. It's the best way to protect yourself while working in Japan.

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It's not possible Japan is a good country. Doing this to help foreign workers. Try to make things better.

Immediately the narrative is negative no matter what we try to do... You will complain as always even if we did exactly what you said. You Still won't be happy I promise.

Enjoy your good life in Japan and don't forget to complain about everything under the sun.

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Hehehe ... Nice joke :) ...

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