Gov't to require mobile phone operators cut cancel fees by 90%


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"impose"? not urge? wow! oh, wait a minute, "the government plans to impose".... be a very good thing for the people, if they do.....

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Impose is still not mandatory. It’s just a strong urge.

impose verb - force (an unwelcome decision or ruling) on someone.

Force sounds pretty mandatory to me.

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These fees won’t disappear. They said they want certain fees lowered. This doesn’t mean that those fees can’t simply be repositioned elsewhere.

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Impose is still not mandatory. It’s just a strong urge.

Every time you go into a phone shop and see all the frills in a very large space with many staff standing around doing nothing while you wait gives a good idea just how much money these telcos are scalping from your phone and internet bill.

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Well guys, lets just try to be positive. Maybe, just maybe, something good will come out of this..

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The three major mobile phone operators -- NTT Docomo Inc, SoftBank Corp and KDDI Corp -- have recently been targeted by the government over what are deemed relatively high mobile phone charges compared with other countries.

The government wants everyone using a mobile and are trying to facilitate that as I see it. Once everyone has a smartphone then creating "smart cities" with a fully cashless society will be easier and controlling people through a Chinese-like social credit system will be doable. This is also the main reason for 5G (not faster downloads) and IoT. People might find that difficult to believe and laugh it off as a conspiracy theory but 23 million people in China have already been blacklisted under this system and a similar system has been set up in Darwin, Australia. These control grids with surveillance cameras and the like are introduced incrementally and for 'benevolent' reasons such as reducing crime. But that's only an excuse with the end goal being control and management of all citizens.

In Darwin, they’ve already constructed “poles, fitted with speakers, cameras and Wi-Fi,” according to NT News, to monitor people, their movements around the city, the websites they visit, and what apps they use. The monitoring will be done mainly by artificial intelligence, but will alert authorities based on set triggers. Just as in China, the surveillance system is being branded as a “smart city” program, and while Australian officials claim its operations are benign, they’ve announced it functions to monitor cell phone activity and “virtual fences” that will trigger alerts if people cross them.

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Limiting cancellation fees. Great. But the limited handset discounts wont make monthly bills smaller, they will stay the same or even cost more now that everyone will be paying off a nearly 100,000yen handset (after the 20,000yen subsidy).

Plus that means 1-2yr old high end phones on the secondhand market will rise in price, affecting those of us who are smart enough to buy there and take the phones to an MVNO

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Impose is still not mandatory. It’s just a strong urge.

impose verb - force (an unwelcome decision or ruling) on someone.

Force sounds pretty mandatory to me.

Was just going to post that...

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I really hope it’s true...

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I understand the objective of this policy move, but think it will just change the equation.

Mobile pricing is like jello. If the government restricts pricing in one are, it will just result in increases / reductions in discounts elsewhere.

Just saying...

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It cannot come soon enough..if it comes at all.

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In malaysia we have plan for 15gb with 1872yen include tax, 30gb for 2549yen, 40gb for 3330yen, 50gb for 4109yen, 60gb for 4890yen with all the plan is include unlimited call and sms for 4G. But dont have WIFI-calling features.

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Softbank hit me with around 15,000 yen after I was a customer for 5 or 6 years. How many other businesses are able to charge you lots money for stopping using their service, even after all your contractual obligations have expired!? This is unacceptable.

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Complete rip off for what is essentially an unnecessary product. I haven't had a phone for over 10 years.

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The plan pricing itself is a robbery. I was in UK recently and I had 20GB of data for just 2,000yen.

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