GPS satellite launch postponed due to glitch


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positioning error will come down to 6 cm or less

Oh great, now they'll be able identify precisely which person is holding a particular GPS enabled smartphone in a crowd of people.

This bodes well for humanity.

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autopiloting of cars and possible national security purposes.

so we are going to be forced to have self driving cars and it is also a military weapon.

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Many people don't know, but most phones nowadays get positioning information (for apple/googlemaps) on their phones from a variety of satellites not just the US GPS satellites.  GLONASS (Russian position satellites) are often found on most mobile phones.  The Chinese positioning system is also used on some phones in the Asian region.  The US, Russia, China etc can restrict usage of these networks and some systems like the US GPS system used to intentially give inaccurate readings for regular (non military/government) users.

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Check your phone specifications to see what networks your phone picks up.  Usually you'll see something like:

GPS (US satellites)/GLONASS(Russian satellites)/Galileo (European satellites)/Budau (Chinese satellites).

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