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Riken researchers develop rechargeable cyborg cockroach


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I have enough problems with the organic buggers.

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Jeez. A couple of posters here have more sympathy for cockroaches than they do for human beings who might be helped by this. Remarkable.

I gave you an up-vote for that comment. The article says these roaches can be used for search and rescue. Imaging a pancaked building like that apartment that fell a couple of years ago in Florida where you know there are people trapped but can't find where to dig to save them. This little cyborg roach with a tiny camera and radio might just be what finds and save someone.

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They also at the same time propagate to start eating insects in the near future. So that invention here will in fact lead to forcing us to eat solar panels and electronics. lol

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Why? Why would you MAKE one in the first place

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Highly unexpected. Interesting

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OMG! Cyborg cockroach! I am speechless.

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Cockroaches are pretty resilient - ever tried drowning one ?

I would if it can survive a melted down Nuclear reactor - there's one nearby in which it could be put to the test.

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Sick and wrong in just about every way,

Not really, personal feelings produced from a personal bias do not make things "sick and wrong", how are the purposed future benefits negative?

This needs to stop, the slippery slope isn't a fallacy

What slippery slope? not understanding how ethical approval committees work do not mean they do not exist.

Why? Why would you MAKE one in the first place

It is mentioned in the article the possible ways this could help.

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