Japanese newborn gets liver stem cell transplant in world first

By Anne-Christine Poujoulat

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Well this is good. I’m glad to see that Japan is taking the lead on this. Because especially with it’s declining birth rate and rapidly aging population, this is especially good considering that involves a newborn.

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Thank you so much for some much needed good news!

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Now a child has a chance at a healthy life. This is good.

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This type of procedure is morally wrong and really shouldn't be legal since it creates or destroys human embryos.

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The baby, whose sex has not been disclosed

Is it necessary to hide the sex of the baby.? Just wondering.

We know it is either a boy or a girl.

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Is it necessary to hide the sex of the baby.?

The quote you gave is not enough to come to that conclusion.

The information may have been left out without particular intent to hide the sex.

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Instead of putting the embryos to good use, would just destroying them be (more) ethical?

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However, these do not disqualify any embryo from being a full human being.

Not being a full human being is what "disqualifies" an embryo from being a full human being.

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