Japan plans supercomputer to leap into technology future

By Kentaro Hamada

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It's not just about how fast a supercomputer can run, but how efficiently it can be achieved. This incorporates cost vs speed vs size vs energy requirements vs heat. Anybody can throw money at such a project and build very inefficient yet fast computers. The smart ones will be modular and upgrade proof for many years. <>

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Get a supercomputer to take care of the Fukushima crisis!

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What good is a Super Computer in Japan if they can't figure out how to write a program to utilize it's power. And... building a Super Computer is a question of Money.... all they do is increase the number of processors.

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The Chinese CPU utilizes the ARM design. That is why they have so many CPU cores within their super computer. It also cannot beat K-super computer in Graph 500 measuring the speed calculating big data through parallel computing.

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america is no longer the only country that can produce processor chips. but the latest fasters processors are build by Intel, AMD. Intel has spent $10s billions in R&D , technology that is very difficult to copy. Yes China can still produce the fastest computer, but with many many more processors and much higher power usage. The cost of a super computer isnt just its manufacturer its also the huge amounts of electricity they use. More efficient processors means more speed for less power.

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Will this super computer fix the economy? Sarcasm

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I have a prediction from the future:

Japanese supercomputer AI speaks.... the first words uttered are a teeth sucking sound and "sou... taihen deshou ne?"

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the japanese "k computer" is powered by cpus from fujitsu, the ban also didn't stop the chinese having built the fastest super computer. america is no longer the only country that can produce processor chips.

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What a waste of money to show who has the bigger.......

As if Japan wasn't wasting enough money on vanity projects it can't afford.

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Call it Deep Thought.

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FYI Japan's K computer is powered by domestic CPU developed by Fujitsu based on the SPARC architecture and does not use Intel. well maybe they should , the K computer held te top spot for like 6months , China is clearly leading the way in this field, but the US is expected to spend a considerable amount in the coming years to retake the top spot.

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FYI Japan's K computer is powered by domestic CPU developed by Fujitsu based on the SPARC architecture and does not use Intel.

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None of this is a future worth having since it means replacing all humans with more "useful" things. Because we've redefined that the economy is no longer to serve purpose for human beings but for faceless corporations. Serve the corporation until you are replaced

Fire all the programmers. Fire all the drivers. Fire all the assembly line workers, Fire all the lawyers. Fire all the craftspeople. Fire all the musicians.....

It's stupid. We'll have to remake our own economy again, for humans only

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only problem is the US is building a 300 petaflops supercomputer due to be finished in 2018, and is aiming for the first 1000petaflop computer by 2025.. Also Obama has banned Intel from exporting the latest processors, so whether Japan can get hold of them or not is the question. Intel processors power most of the worlds supercomputers. So if Japan does manage to take the top spot its unlikely they'll hold it for long.

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The supercomputer will be made available for a fee to Japan’s corporations, who now outsource data crunching to foreign >>firms such as Google and Microsoft, Sekiguchi and others involved in the project said.

For 10x the price because it is a government project and not a commercial one ! Why not just tell the truth, this is just disguised welfare money (19.5 billion yen) to a very limited small circle of Japanese companies which will now start the money seduction parade to the METI to get the deal.

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Seriously? What they going to do on it? Play minecraft? Can think of many people without homes from 2011 that this money would be better spent.

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Cool! Once they finish the new super computer, they'll be able to calculate how much money is being wasted on the 2020 olympics and Fukushima even faster!

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