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Japan plans tighter regulation of tech giants

By Damien Meyer

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They forgot about Microsoft. MSFT has been sending data back to the USA even after customers ask for it not to be sent. They've been caught at least 2 times now.



And Office-343 (can't call it Office-365 anymore) has been sending data back too:

Not to downplay the other companies issues, but Amazon and Apple have a customer/supplier relationship with their data collection. It isn't hidden.

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Need to take a look at Toyota as well which hammers its suppliers.

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"Japan is planning to tighten regulation of tech giants like Google and Facebook after an expert panel called for better oversight on competition and privacy"

In other words, Japanese companies cannot compete Worth a damn, so they need to privatize more, just like usual, and just like usual what they claim they do not engage in. Then it will be unfair when someone demands they open up their markets more.

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Why is Amazon a target per se? Rakuten is Japanese and in the same domain..

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Will this be like the Olympics, where an old man who has never used a computer and does not even know what a USB stick is in charge of cybersecurity? Another bunch of old men who have never shopped on-line, unliked a friend or searched for information telling people how to run their businesses?

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This news has really flown under the radar today, but I think it's more alarming news than meets the eye. I would like assurances that this will not be used to affect net neutrality in the future.

Considering that the Minister for Cyber Security in Japan cannot even use computers, and that Japan has a shocking track-record when it comes to privacy - I have to question the motivation for this.

Of course, the LDP can ramrod anything they like through anyway, so I guess it's shouganai anyway...

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What about US military drones, radar, planes etc, sold to japan that collect info and send back?

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What is the point of all these countries trying to ruin their most successful tech companies? There is a reason that they are the largest. They know what they are doing and they work hard to get where they are. Why give a disincentive for hard work? Strange times.

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Japan having a #metoo moment...

Funny article really, the evil successful tech companies...

Despite bringing benefits, tech giants "tend to monopolise the market through their features such as... low costs and economies of scale,"

Personally, I LIKE features, low costs which come with economies of scale.

They got big because their tech prowess is second to none.

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The attitude of the E.U is hilarious

500 million Europeans can't create a competing product, so what do they do?

You would think a long time ago the E.U would have gotten around the table and really come up with an aggressive plan to get some skin in the game in the global tech scene, but I can't think of a single major, global internet player of E.U origin. Spotify is probably the most successful and well known European tech company.

They have the brains and talent, its clear there was no attempt to harness it. It should have been an E.U project.

No doubt there is a lot to dislike about the tech giants, especially the tax rorting which needs to end.

Overall though they have provided a lot of opportunities for people, especially when video and streaming hit, but even before that in the days Ebay's rise and the heyday of Google Adsense.

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There isn't even a viable competitor to Amazon at all yet. They are so completely superior that it is mind boggling.

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