Japan reviews power line rules to bolster renewable energy


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Too little, too late.

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Better late than never.

I hope the new rules are accepted and have a good effect.

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Good news.

Even though Japan has a lot of mountains which makes more difficult to predict local and accurate weather for the power demand forecast than other counties.

But we have to consider and help environment all the same.

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Japan has resources for solar, geothermal, wind and wave energy that have gone undeveloped because of close relations between nuclear industry/power companies that hire former government ministers and politicians who take money from them. If the government weren't so incompetent and corrupt, I'd advocate nationalizing the lot of them.

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How about more promotion of EVs. Japan is an ideal country for them: excellent power grid, small vehicles and on average less miles travelled. Unfortunately, the oil industry has the Japanese government officials in their pockets and the change to EVs is moving at a glacial to non-existent pace...

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Japan should work in collaboration with Elon Musk and Panasonic. Improved solar panels and multi functional long life solar/wind/tidal rechargeable batteries are the way forward.

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Where there’s a will there’s a way.

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And while all this is going on, Japan still operates on two different power grids, 50 Hz in the east and 60 Hz in the west. The 3/11 disaster highlighted Japan's ancient infrastructure when power from western Japan couldn't be transferred to the east. I haven't read or heard of any measures to try and unify this situation other than to build frequency converter stations, which even now produces only a fraction of the necessary capacity. So the government hasn't learned anything from 3/11. We need safe renewable energy and we need a unified power grid. Tele-work and internet and all those other creature comforts don't mean a thing without electricity Mr. LDP Abe-chan.

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The 3/11 disaster highlighted Japan's ancient infrastructure when power from western Japan couldn't be transferred to the east.

The infrastructure as such isn't "ancient", it's simply a legacy of the introduction of generating equipment in the 19th century from two different countries, Germany and the United States, reflecting the frequencies used in each.

The difficulty now is cost (of course) and the contentious matter of which side of Japan should switch to oblige the other. As the Osaka region is heavily industrial, this could not go through without a fight. There is no obvious answer, and there is no technological or practical advantage in either 50 Hz infrastructure or 60 Hz infrastructure: the only advantage is having a uniform frequency used throughout the country.

Out of interest, which frequency do you favour, and how do you think Japan should make the change? Are you willing for it to cost money you and your family a significant amount of money or higher taxes? I'm not sure I am.

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