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Japanese scientists to study source of high heat on asteroid


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Fascinating, and well done!

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Unbelievable. Shock and awe once again.

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It can not be a "soil sample, it is a dust sample. Soil, by definition, contains, minerals, soil organic matter, living organisms, gas, and water.

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You're asking for proper vernacular from people who would be challenged to identify an Erlenmeyer flask. Science writers do their best but are not savants in every area of study...how about 'micron sized particles of starstuff'? Good word 'starstuff'. It will bring light to the dim mind...

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One could refer to the planets, and the elements heavier than hydrogen, as the effluent of the stars. We are each and all of us made up of stardust, so to speak.

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It should be called Regolith. Same as the moon's surface. I think so anyway.

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