Sushi chain starts contactless service as pandemic grinds on


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The device, however, requires customers to punch in codes for security reasons when paying by credit card.

And this rendering the entire system useless. This is a waste of money....

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Eating sushi is great way of getting infected

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Contact-less here just means we use smartphones to pay - usually through some 3rd party who takes a high transaction fee from the restaurant. This fee covers the app development, updates, back-end servers, and probably the CC transaction fees too, but it does prevent people who don't have smart phones or won't use them for financial stuff away.

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And making and plating the sushi is contactless too?

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So automatically disinfecting hands with alcohol upon entering restaurants doesn't work? Jeez...

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About the door knobs, glasses etc are they contactless?

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Kurazushi has always been contactless in every way except paying. The plates come directly to your seat via the express belt. You order your sushi from your phone so you don't have to touch the order screen. Tallying up all your orders and confirming doesn't require staff. Then you had to wait in line to pay directly with the staff.

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Sushiro has checkout machines like this already. You have to use a laminated card for your table number and press a screen to choose the payment method, so it is only "contactless" in press releases.

The branch I went to recently had the stingiest auto-tap/faucet I've ever seen in the toilet. It took about fifteen attempts to get it to react and the amount of water released was pitiful. It was impossible to wash my hands at all, never mind thoroughly while singing "happy birthday" twice.

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And making and plating the sushi is contactless too?

No, but they do temperature tests, wear masks, face shields, and gloves for all food service workers, don't they?

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