Japan suspends annual funding for Hawaii telescope project


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We should try putting a grand telescope on Mt. Fuji. I know it gets cloudy but the air is clean and pure.

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Fuji is an active volcano that can go off anyday now.

Hawaii mountain is 0.5 km taller and flatter than Fuji.
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It only became a “cultural and religious” issue when they realised they could blackmail the project for money.

Local politicians kowtowing to irrational blackmail.

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science is the way forward, not some ancient fairy. preserve the culture by all means, but don't hold back science just because some people several hundreds of years ago thought their unicorn in the sky came from that particular spot.

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Not many Japanese know about this issue," said Kurata. "They don't know 135 million yen (in) tax money is being used for TMT."

Another way to raise funds is to point the telescope towards a nude beach and charge people a fee to look through the telescope. I'm sure the funds will start rolling in soon after.

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