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28 telecom firms challenge $40 billion NTT takeover bid

By Behrouz MEHRI

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this is a bad idea, having one player far larger than all the rest and government backed is far from healthy competition

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The government shouldn't be involved in a business sector it supposedly regulates.

Shouldn't even be in business in the first place.

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Cannot have healthy competition when you make the rules

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This government patently doesn't understand or believe in free markets.

Having decreed what a suitable price is - because the market hasn't set prices at levels that government geniuses agree with - I am confident that the government will push back on the protests from those seeking to compete, and side with their old buddies back in NTT.

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The danger here is that a dominant NTT will force prices down, choke off the competition, then leverage the monopoly, to gouge the price point in the market.

The consumer will ultimately be the loser, and pay the price.

There need to be a independent communication ombudsman with legislative teeth to fulfill a mandate to protect the consumer.

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Ntt always was in control of docomo, they are only officializing it now. No real change. Actually the consolidation probably will help the competitors because NTT/Domomo as an entity will be to big for one management group to oversee and efficiently manage.

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It's called NTT DoCoMo for a reason... nothing will change

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Japanese telecoms firms appealed Wednesday to the communications ministry over a planned $40-billion takeover of the country's biggest mobile carrier by its government-backed parent, warning it would "prevent fair competition".

Government already made good progress by lowering price down and promoting MVNO, now backing this kind of merger?

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If people haven't already learned from watching the Japanese government and its part ownership of Japan Tobacco, then people haven't learned a thing. When something needs to be done for the greater good of the people of Japan, as long as the Japanese government has control of that company, you can bet they won't do the right thing.

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