Japan to create law aimed at fostering new 5G industries


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Why do I find it ominous that we have to have a law like this? To not want some governments involved is understandable but to make a law is too odd, かな!?

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This is an interesting dilemma for Japan.

Samsung Networks is considered a safe and a preferred 5G equipment supplier in the US, and the US networks(Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint) heavily use Samsung 5G equipment with the sole exception of T-Mobile. In fact, Verizon built its 5G network with just two vendors, Samsung and Ericsson.

However, Samsung Networks would be considered just as much a national security threat to Japan as Huawei is, for the fact that Samsung is under the pressure of the Korean government constantly digging dirt on Japan.

So would Samsung Networks be marked as safe or unsafe by Japanese government, especially when Samsung is years ahead of mmwave 5G against everyone else?

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East Asians should have common standards to develop not only 5G, 6G, but also XG. Exclude China as a threat ? What a joke. Is chapstick a threat ? In the past 3000 years, there has been no single case that Japanese died because of Chinese chopsticks. If there were, it wasn't because Chinese did that, it was Japanese who did it to himself.

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East Asians should have common standards to develop not only 5G, 6G, but also XG.

There will be a divergence from 5.5G and onward.

One will be called the non-Chinese 5.5G standard set forth by three western equipment vendors, Samsung, Ericsson and Nokia.

Another will be called the Chinese 5.5G standard set forth by Chinese industry.

Even at 5G there is already a divergence, where the US, Korea, and Japan will deploy 28 Ghz mmwave 5G, while China has no plans to deploy mmwave 5G at all.

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Samit Basu, as far as I know, Samsung isn't a western company, as Japanese aren't caucasians.

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