Japan to give 92.9 bil. yen subsidy to Kioxia-Western Digital chip plant


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Semiconductors are vital, we understood this during the Pandemic years. Why really importing them when one can manufacture at home with relatively acceptable investment costs?

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"We appreciate the support of the Japanese government..."

I bet you do! There's nothing that corporate execs like more than corporate welfare. Time to upgrade from the BMW to a Bentley.  

 Why really importing them when one can manufacture at home with relatively acceptable investment costs?

Because the globalists said we couldn't. The globalists were wrong.

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Japan will provide a subsidy up to 92.9 billion yen ($680 million) to Kioxia Corp. and Western Digital Corp. for a semiconductor production facility as part of efforts to secure stable domestic chip production, the industry minister said Tuesday.

Sanders was against the subsidies in the States over Biden's insistence and Kishida is following the Biden lead.

The G7 nations are all on the same page with the corporate welfare, socialism for the rich agenda.

The losses are covered by the public and the profits are privatized to the execs and shareholders.

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Companies are building in other countries without taxpayer money. Private investors should be the investment source.

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We are giving $680 million tax money to a private for profit venture with a large part of our tax money going to a rich American company (2021 revenue was about $17billion)? How about giving MacDonalds $1.3billion to make up for their lose of pulling out of Russia?

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Privatized profits, socialized losses. Trebles all round!

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Shigenobu Nagamori (of Nidec fame) must be fuming. He makes hard disk drive motors (actually Nidec utterly dominate the market), and solid state memory is a direct threat to his business. Not just any solid state memory maker either, a foreign one, getting money from a Japanese government so as to put a Japanese motor maker out of business.

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"The plan will contribute to developing a resilient chip supply chain, making progress in the semiconductor industry as well as strengthening Japan-U.S. cooperation," Hagiuda said, referring to the facility in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture.

After decades of Japanese servitude does Japan-US cooperation still needs strengthening?

Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Koichi Hagiuda said the government had approved the capital investment plan to enhance the capacity of the facility, which is a joint venture by Kioxia with the U.S. chip giant.

> In June, the government announced its decision to provide up to 476 billion yen in subsidy for a Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. subsidiary for the ongoing construction of a plant in Kumamoto Prefecture, southwestern Japan.

Any which way Kyodo spins this one, it still looks like the Japanese missed the digital chip train and were left alone on the platform either by lack of public investment in national companies / industry or by lack of private investment by national companies in the industry. That's 事業自得 (What goes around comes around) for ya.

On a side-note, Taiwan is known to be big in that industry, but with all the Chinese saber-rattling around Taiwan , isn't there a risk for this to belly-up in case of the Cold War around Taiwan heating up?

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Where is our IR report since we are all investing with our tax money? We'll also accept dividends.

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A combined Kioxia-Western Digital would control a third of the NAND flash memory market, putting it on par with South Korea's Samsung Electronics.

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Smart investment, smart move, WD is well known for it's reliable cutting edge flash drives, I use their product almost daily and it is bullet proof.

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Anything so crucial must not be imported from China, and backups to Taiwan production are necesssary. Good move.

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Not such a big issue. It’s just a very necessary but still halfhearted investment trying to keep pace with other chipmakers. It would have been better, also to take quite some more money in hand to come up with a more innovative attempt, one that really could make a difference. Better than nothing, but surely not a potential game changer.

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I wonder how many millions the CEOs of these companies get paid. Corporate welfare when there are people sleeping rough and kids going without food. Our governments are swindling us - stealing our tax payments and handing them to their rich friends in industry.

Having spent years condemning Chinese state investment and Chinese companies having links to the CCP, Western governments are now copying them.

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SMIC just figured out how to mass produce chips at high quality for cheaper prices. China will dominate the world's semiconductors again as it did with solar panels and cells.

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SMIC just figured out how to mass produce chips at high quality for cheaper prices. China will dominate the world's semiconductors again as it did with solar panels and cells.

China never had dominated the world's semiconductors

And they may produce chips at high quality for cheaper prices, but their chips themselves are still not as high intricacy level as the other foundries - so essentially they're producing high quality with cheaper prices of mid-level chips

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