Japan won't disclose tech research at risk of overseas military use


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Not to worry. A senior official will just go out drinking and leave it on the passenger seat of their car, or fall asleep drunk on the sidewalk with a clip drive in their open hand. Japan is about as secure in keeping secret/private information a secret as a cicada net is in keeping water.

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It really doesn’t play a significant role, if something like data, research papers, military or dual use products are tried to be kept a secret or not. Sooner or later the other side or interested parties get a hand on it anyway or develop something similar by themselves.

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You can use a single piece of graph paper with GPS Coordinates of Tokyo,they can be a danger to Japan security,it has no value to me,but to Japan enemy

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Don't worry China will find a way to steal it!

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Government officials know diddly about the latest tech in any esoteric field and won't understand what they are reading.

The more this stuff bounces between government committees and private researchers, the easier it will be to pinch.

Secrecy will damage universities as it will lock out foreign students and academics and limit teaching and research. Transparency and peer review are fundamental to university research.

Just patent it and enjoy the profits. Novel tech is rarely novel for very long. At least a patent can earn some licensing cash for more research.

If you want to do the DARPA thing, gather the relevant people together and do it securely, outside the university system.

But if you get a call, don't be too quick to join a military project.

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Their are ordinary thing that can compromised Japan security,just a bunch of ordinary numbers inputed as GPS Coordinates ,they are not state secrets,but longitude and Latitude axis

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