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Japan to offer ¥590 bil more aid to Rapidus in chip push


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Combined with the 330 billion yen already earmarked by the ministry, the amount of government finance going into the Japanese chip venture will total almost 1 trillion yen.

Whose money is that? Tax payer money going directly to companies?

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For those unneeded or not working technologies like 5G, AI, quantum computing, autonomous driving? They are really the ultimate gamblers, the hardest of the hard rollers. Taking all that tax payer's money to a roulette table and betting all-in on red or black makes a lot more sense and even still has a chance of 47% for a positive outcome. lol

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Private companies are not funding this as there is too much risk. If it works, and they make a profit, exactly how much of it will the taxpayers get back, as it was their money (or rather their kids' money, borrowed by the state) that was used.

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