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Japan, U.S. chip makers to jointly develop MRAM semiconductor


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Learn new acronym.
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Let's hope their sister companies are developing an alternative energy source to run it.

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Can't read? It uses two-thirds less electricity than DRAM.

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Can't read? It uses two-thirds less electricity than DRAM.

Can't read? It uses two-thirds the electricity of DRAM. Or, in other words, one-third less than DRAM. Having said that, I agree with your sentiment. Disillusioned is probably the person who makes the annual pronouncement that LED-lit holiday illuminations are wasteful of energy.

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Yeah, my understanding was that it's 1/3 more energy saving.

Is the glass half empty, or half full? is another way to say 'How do you want to say it?'

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Can't read? It uses two-thirds less electricity than DRAM.

(chuckle) This is why I always double and triple-check if I'm correcting someone. I invariably slip my own error into the correction.

Searching through the MRAM entry in Wiki, I see that this is basically going to be a solid-state version of the old Core Memory scheme that was popular back in the 60's and 70's. Because it deals with magnetic fields, however, component density is going to be a problem. Sure, your power usage is much less, but your Samsung Galaxy S4 just bloomed-out to the size of a 17-inch tablet. I imagine that's what all these industry giants are working on.

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