Japan, U.S. to cooperate on moon landing by Japanese astronaut


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Japan and the United States plan to announce their "shared ambition" to realize a future moon landing by a Japanese astronaut in a document to be released during U.S. President Joe Biden's visit to Tokyo, sources close to the matter said Thursday.

This is sad and a comment on nostalgia culture.

A bold effort by a nation 50 years ago has to be recreated by a 'corporate synergy' and endless announcements of partnerships.

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Sometimes space exploration is a jobs-program. Most huge NASA programs are just that, with a bit of science and politics thrown in.

If Congress would allow NASA to run their exploration programs like a company, billions of savings would happen yearly and the use of cost-plus contracts would end. But that isn't allowed, so we have a jobs program that happens to do space stuff too.

Competing space companies is good for NASA and good for America, but Congress loves having their fingers into NASA budgets and "bringing space money back to their districts."

Disclosure: I worked in that Jobs Program on both the Space Shuttle and ISS programs for almost a decade.

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By the time a weapons craving, bankrupt America gets to the Moon, there should be at least a couple of good Chinese restaurants there also serving peroshkis, and possibly even an Iranian steam bath...enjoy.

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It is good to see nations cooperating in space exploration.

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Japan, U.S. to cooperate on moon landing by Japanese astronaut

You can read this to mean that Japan will pay the US megabucks to tag along.


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Moon landing is based on Newtonian physics. Namely, the principles are very simple. Yet, that's expensive. So, international cooperation is good idea

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Ahead warp factor one, Mr. Sulu!

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