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Japanese companies push to build hi-tech power plants abroad


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Regardless of how clean it is (clean coal is an oxymoron) this article does not state how many tons of CO2 it will produce. So while the world thinks about trying to stop world pollution, companies are exporting coal plant technology! Hello? McFly? Anyone home?

In another article link on the same page no less we have solar panels and clean energy spending. That would be better for an emerging market, for anyone really. Let the dinosaurs go

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This again, sf2k. The problem of solar energy is, although the source is limitless, the infrastructure for it is costly and inefficient. Btw, how do you think they produce solar panel and battery? So the world has to develop both green energy technology alongside optimizing the usage of fossil fuels. Scientists are certainly not idiotic laymen. It's simply not there yet.

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People forget that polyesters and plastics also come from fossil fuels as do most lubricants.

Not just about replacing gasoline.

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No, engineers are paid to perform a task, not change a company. Green energy is more than just solar panels. Geothermal in all variants reduces load by 55% -ish. Combined heat and power, solar thermal, hydrothermal, there's a lot of things they can do. But if the least companies can do they can't even do, then reducing pollution will simply never matter

Countries can skip over coal. It's like Costa Rica and communications. They didn't lay down a lot of wire because as an earthquake and geothermal country the land kept moving, so they went wireless and skipped the investment costs of land lines.

These other countries can skip the sunk costs of coal and move ahead and not be stuck with the dregs of what the rest of the world wants to rid itself of. It simply doesn't need to

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SF2k, and actually everyone. Do watch "pandora's promise". It's a documentary that tries to be unbiased after the Fukushima incident and makes a case as to why some generation 3 and 4 design nuclear plants will be inevitable in mankind's future.

1 thing interesting about that documentary was that they say a big reason natural gas had become so popular recently is because solar and wind have taken off. Because there is a possibility of no wind or sun (I think they said roughly 30% of the time). These plants end up being built with a backup natural gas burning thermal plant. So these so called energy types potentially still could emit just as much carbon as the 90% clean coal plant this article talks about. If you watch the documentary, I think the conclusion is the answer still has to be "all of the above" including nuclear. (Another fascinating fact was there are more deaths related to solar power than even nuclear, even considering Cherynobyl, because of the hazardous materials used in the manufacturing process of solar cells).

Anyway give it a watch. It's eye opening.

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