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Japanese firms explore quantum cryptography to make stock trading secure


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So, stock trading isn’t secure at present?

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That's really useless at this point. Someone just trying to sell something pointless to banks.

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Already full of backdoors.

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AlternativeOpinionToday 11:04 am JST

Good to see companies and hopefully governments attempting to keep up with the possible dangers that quantum computing poses. All current cryptography is at threat of being broken by quantum computing and we need to start thinking next level cyber security now.

"Quantum cryptography" is not "post-quantum cryptography".

"Quantum cryptography" allows you to detect if the transmission has been listened by a 3rd party. "Post-quantum cryptography" is crypto protecting against quantum computers.

So basically quantum cryptography is useless as cryptography itself protect the transmission.

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Yes, I assume the participants are expecting that, riding the confusion to have it sound ground breaking. Need some funding much ?

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