Japanese Flash integrates Twitter to create public 'learning feed'


Japanese Flash, the Apple iOS platform vocabulary study tool, on Monday updated on the App Store. The new version integrates the popular Twitter platform, allowing students to share words, and improves the program's example sentences with cross-referenced words.

"We want to create the best social learning tool out there. Now, when you see an interesting word while studying, you can 'tweet' it - adding a comment if you choose - and it will be instantly visible to the Japanese Flash community on Twitter. Our long-term goal is to create a community of students helping each other learn," said Ross Sharrott, co-founder of Long Weekend LLC, makers of Japanese Flash.

Japanese Flash comes preloaded with over 180 study sets at all levels, letting students focus on vocabulary for their level. Users can also build study sets using the 149,000+ word built-in Japanese-English dictionary.

The app costs USD $7.99, or 900 yen, and can be found at

Long Weekend aims to create an entire toolkit for Japanese learners. Rikai Browser for iPad, which translates words on Japanese websites instantaneously, released last month. "Casual or serious, or somewhere in between, we want to make learning more fun, and we want people to get more out of the time they put in studying," Sharrott said.

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Awesome use of Twitter. Well done Ross and the team at Long Weekend

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When is the Chinese version coming out? Surely that is the only Asian language worth learning now...

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@DuraAce - Chinese is an important language and we are interested in making a Chinese version in the future. As Japanese language learners ourselves, we wanted to make tools that we would use and really get it right before we moved on to other languages.

Thank you for your interest - let us know your contact details @long_weekend on twitter or at and we'll keep you up to date on any developments regarding a Chinese version.

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Nothing wrong with this, so long as they are learning actual words and not just 'ROTFL', CUL8er, and other such 'words' in common use on-line. LOL.

Seriously, though, if used well this could indeed be an interesting tool.

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smithinjapan, I'm one of the developers as well (with rsharrott above).

If you want to see an example, you can see my pre-release tests (I was tweeting words while studying):

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makdad: congrats on the app, question, how do you get your latest versions into the kyodo news chain? I would love to be able to do this for the integration work I have done into twitter and facebook that is just a newsy as this.

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