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Japanese messaging app operator Line to launch cryptocurrency


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Line (Naver) is a Korean company, do not trust Line Pay, friends of mine were hacked recently

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Line (Naver) is a Korean company

The point being?

> friends of mine were hacked recently

I haven't heard of any Line Pay hack. 99% of the time people are hacked, it's because they were sloppy about security. Don't download apps without checking them, don't use easy passwords, don't use the same password for all accounts, don't open email attachments from people you don't know, etc., etc.

How exactly was your friend's hack the fault of Line?

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The coin is not available for users in Japan and the United States for regulatory reasons

What does this mean exactly? If I can buy the coin on an international exchange how is it restricted?

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It doesn't mean much. You can use the tokens on Line, much as you would use frequent flier points. If you wanted to convert them to JPY or USD, though, you would find it difficult (but not impossible). The restrictions are just there to protect Line from liability in case of an aggressive regulatory agency (like the SEC).

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Security vulnerabilities...

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Point being, financial data is shared to Korea also..

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Point being, financial data is shared to Korea also..

Ok, go on...

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