Diet passes bill to lower mobile phone fees


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After buying my phone I now pay just over 1,000 for 6 GB per month for WiFi and sms. If I want phone service I use Skype number for which I pay $20 per year plus usage.

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I wonder if this will mean a corresponding drop in prices from the MVNO's, as well? (UQ, IIJMio, Mineo, Y! Mobile, Line Mobile, etc) I would hope so.

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Don't go counting your savings just yet folks. I doubt if there will be any reduction in existing bills. This is just another lip service deal.

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Modern mobile phones use up a significant amount of GB if you're totally wireless, and the Adverts pushed down to you when browsing web pages or even reading emails again bites into that quota. Mobile operators operate a Cartel in price fixing, and although this bill is somewhat welcomed... it doesnt got far enough.

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I thought the government wanted higher prices (inflation)?

We paid about Y20000 in mobile phone charges last year. If people are too daft to choose a cheaper provider that's their problem.

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There are no alternatives to the three main providers unless you are willing to accept a reduced service. We pay about ¥180,000 pa for two iPhones. We need full services for our business.

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Not true. My MVNO offers full far I know. What do you mean by "full services?" Excluding the initial cost of my phone (50,000), I pay roughly, depending on usage, 25,000 a year. But I don't make many regular phone calls.

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Unlimited phone calls, unlimited emails/messages, no data throttling.

My iPhone bill is about ¥2500/month with 5 minute calls/1GB monthly DATA. My wife's iPhone is about ¥4,500 per month for unlimited calls/1GB DATA. Extra data available ¥1,000/GB. ¥84,000/year.

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I checked out one MVNO

Some have a ¥15,000 activation fee.

Buy SIM ¥3,000.

¥4,500/month. 7GB DATA throttled after that and also if more then 3GB/3 days. Free incoming calls. Outgoing calls ¥29/min. Domestic text ¥12/message.

We spend on average 30-60 mins a day on the phone.

Charge ¥4,500

call charge 30 mins /day ¥26,100

100 monthly text ¥1,200.

total would be ¥31,800 compared with charge for wife's phone ¥4,500

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Good news, but somehow, I dont think our bills will be affected that much. After I started using VOIP (free) for nearly all my calls, my bills were barely different from before.

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Apply the law ASAP please

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