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Japanese researchers testing tiny ear computer


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"The system, which developers are hoping to have ready for Christmas 2015, can be connected to an iPod or other gadget and would allow the user to navigate through software programs using facial expressions, such as a raised eyebrow, a stuck-out tongue, a wiggle of the nose or by clenching teeth."

I just can't wat to see this in use.

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LOL Me too. If I see someone in public making strange facial contortions and expressions, I'll just assume he's writing an email.

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I just got used to seeing people talking to themselves and finding out they were using Bluetooth. Now we have get used to strange facial expressions as people are walking down the street.

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Hahaha! Just as I was getting used to idiots yelling to themselves with their Bluetooth headphones, now this??!!

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Yeah, it's really good in terms of technology but sometimes it looks funny when people talking with themselves while walking on a street. Comment By Mobile application Development Company

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