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Japanese startup Navigation Logistics starts testing eco-friendly electric vehicle aidea AA-Cargo α

By grape Japan

Navigation Logistics Co Ltd, a Japanese logistics start-up, is conducting a proof-of-concept demonstration of an eco-friendly parcel delivery service using Japanese automotive brand aidea's three-wheeled electric vehicle AA-Cargo α.

In the parcel delivery industry, while compact cars are still the mainstay, bike deliveries are becoming more prevalent. Making efforts within the logistics industry towards the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations, Navigation Logistics Co., Ltd. is conducting a proof-of-concept demonstration of an eco-friendly parcel delivery service called ナビロジ エコ便 "Navilogi Eco-Bin."

Period of the demonstration: Aug 2 - Dec 31, 2021

Data to be verified: Delivery cost and CO2 emissions per delivery by three-wheeled EV

Electric three-wheeled bike AA-Cargo α, by aidea

The AA-Cargo α is an electric three-wheeled motorcycle developed to help the shift to EVs, and the global effort toward a carbon-free society. Equipped with a V2H function, it can also provide lifeline power during emergencies and serve as a portable power source for camping and other outdoor uses.


Compact size suitable to urban environments


Reduces cost and inconvenience


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In the period during and after WW II, Railway Express had a fleet of thousands of electric vans in Manhattan. The subject is never talked about today, but electric cargo vans are not new. I used to talk with a man who was a mechanic for them back then. He drove a gas-powered van in order to go on road calls when they got stuck due to running out of power.

The mechanic didn't tell me what the motivation was for going all electric back then, but there was a war-time shortage of gasoline, and the gas engines of that time had filthy exhaust emissions.

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Playing with numbers. How much fossil fuel is needed to produce 1l of gasoline vs how much fossil fuel is needed to produce 1kWh CONSUMED. Electricity needs to be converted from something, it doesn't just appear

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Not a nice or cool as the Japan post's new electric motorcycle/scooter.

I want one of those, not this thing

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Electricity needs to be converted from something, it doesn't just appear

Well, there is sunlight.

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Japan does train good,why use the subway to deliver food,just done a gps map of Tokyo,test the gps coordinates in Map,you can meet people in a equal distance by using GPS coordinates ,the devil coordinates of Tokyo Google 35.666,139.666

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Well, there is sunlight.

Well look it up.

Solar is one of the least efficient for the needed space.

It would take about 40 of the larger panels 24 to 48 hours to change a Nissan leaf.

So taking into account the size of this vehicle a few hours but 40 panels of 1.7mX1m.

Now that is not counting all the rare earth and chemicals needed to make a single panel.

Not a single wind turbine can power a few thousands of these bikes

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Short distances, regular charging times...under those conditions electric vehicles are feasible. Nothing new about it, small electric carrier vehicles have been used for ages in rail stations, air ports and the like.

About the "eco friends", I doubt there is a difference, especially when considering the environmental disaster associated with rare earth production in China for batteries and magnets. But virtue-signalling is required these days.

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Electricity needs to be converted from something, it doesn't just appear

Well, there is sunlight.

Then mount solar cells on the roof of this thing and see how you can drive with it, LOL

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Japan gps satellite work with US satellite,the US gps satellite do not miss one spot of the globe,Japan satellite only cover Japan and parts of Oceania,Japantoday should think about getting into GPS advertising,it cheap and profitable

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In Shanghai you see electric cargo scooters everywhere. Some are quite long and have what is basically a flat bed behind the rider for large heavy loads. They will have three shock absorbers on the drive motor side of the rear swingarm and are quite heavy duty. Something one sees on Chinese delivery scooters missing on this Japanese prototype is a cargo compartment on the floor between the riders legs. It also needs some means to carry long items along the side lengthwise.

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Here's another:

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