Japanese students use VR to recreate Hiroshima bombing

By Haruka Nuga

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Reliving the horror but not contemplating the reality of why WWII happened is something we Japanese do a bit too much I think.

Then again the West concentrates on the Nazi’s and IJA and considers themselves liberators when they were actually colonizing Asia.

I guess everyone has to find their version that they can live with.

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So pictures from the experience would have been good. I also think that the experience software should be released and downloadable for all to experience.

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This VR experience sounds horrifying, yet strangely compelling.

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Performing Monkey

Thanks. It would be horrifying yet compeling wouldnt it? I hope that one day we can truly be able to rid ourselves of horrible wars and also be able to learn better from past mistakes.

Yes, not adopting a nationalist or self serving attitude may go a much longer way in acheiving a more peaceful planet.

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and about the west thinking the were liberators!

Well, they were liberators, for the most part. The postwar Japanese got peace, prosperity and freedom like they'd never had in their history, thanks to the sweeping reforms imposed by GHQ.

The hellish existence the mass-murdering Japanese inflicted on the Filipinos was lifted with the Allied victory. Singapore and Hong Kong could revert back to being economic superstars and the envy of Asia..Same with South Korea.

Before anyone brings up Vietnam, be aware that its population today is the most pro-American of any other country in the world. 84% say they support the US.

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Never to say recreating, that's experiencing what was that horrendous tragedy.

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Agreed about all the horrors of occupation and the atrocities committed by us toward others. I wouldn’t say that the Phillippines, Hong Kong, and Korea would “revert back to being economic superstars” as they were not.

The brutality of western nations in colonizing Asia lasted for hundreds of years. And they were BRUTAL!

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No amount of recreating the bombings will ever match the reason WHY the bombings were absolutely necessary. Why not make a video of how Japan became the country it is today thanks to the US?

They should be thanking the US, not wallowing in self pity

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I wanna see this since I’m a sucker for VR stuff. Def will not change my mind for nuclear weapons. What happened to Hiroshima happened for a reason. People assume no one learned from the bombs, obviously people have learned since nukes havent been used since. But that is not an excuse to get rid of them, obviously the mutual destruction possibility has kept everyone on check.

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So you only know the US version of the Hiroshima/Nagasaki story.

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So do people who experienced this VR come out ardent supporters of the Article 9, to ensure Japan would never be nuked again?

Or do people come out as supporters of remilitarization in hopes of preventing another nuking but will in fact accelerate its chances?

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How can a 18 year old Japanese may not have interest in the nukes ?

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No amount of recreating the bombings will ever match the reason WHY the bombings were absolutely necessary.

So that you can sleep well at night.

They should be thanking the US, not wallowing in self pity

Tell that to the civilian victims and the family members who survived those who died. to Tell that to the mothers who lost their children in the bombings.

Or even better, try to put yourself in their shoes and see whether you would be able to thank the Americans for killling your loved ones.

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"Again, the civillians who were killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not perpetrate any of the above."

Not quite true. Last year around this time, NHK did a documentary about the suffering of regular folks in Hiroshima from the bombing. They documented the life of an elderly woman. Well into the report, it was stated, very briefly, that she had worked in a munitions factory during the war.

Millions of Japanese civilians including women, like her, played some role, however direct or indirect, in "perpetrating" many awful incidents on innocent people. That they are so unwilling to acknowledge any of responsibility while indulging in an orgy of victimization largely explains why many of Japan's victims today are so adamant on this issue.

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