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Japanese workers want ChatGPT to help with decisions, survey reveals


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Seventy-six percent of employees in Japan welcome AI services like ChatGPT to help them make the right decision at the workplace.

Who doubts that GAN LLM could make better decisions for the majority than the many examples of incompetent bureaucrats, LDP digital czars that do not know what USB storage is, and dozing , over-paid upper-level managers?

They should be automated away first and society would receive great dividends, but because they hold the levers of power the opposite will happen, and lower level white collar workers will face the brunt of waves of automation.

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AI can give better direct answer than just saying long etto or sucking teeth that lead another indecisive action.

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Oh, how they would love someone else taking all of the decisions for them. That's how they got there, isn't it?

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Seventy-six percent of employees in Japan welcome AI services like ChatGPT to help them make the right decision at the workplace.

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Seventy-six percent of employees in Japan welcome AI services like ChatGPT to help them make the right decision at the workplace.

Eighty-one percent say the use of digital technology needs to leave control to people.

Looks like a lot of people have not really thought this through. Or how it will work out in reality. Avoidance of individual responsibility is everywhere, as much as possible, replaced by collective responsibility. It will be so much easier to include the machine in that responsibility, especially if, as an employee, you believe the machine can do a better job of, say, writing a report, or translating a document. And plagiarism is already a default mode of behaviour from student onwards.

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Seventy-six percent of employees in Japan welcome AI services like ChatGPT to help them make the right decision at the workplace.

Such blind trust in this technology is dangerous.

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Kanji character,you know the average Japanese,have no say in their life,by going against the group

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I can imaging how this might go:

Hey chatGPT, should I put a hanko on the fax before I send it?

I can only provide generalized information about business rules. Please consult your company's regulations before making your decision.
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I decided to ask the question for real. Here's what it spat out:

In traditional Japanese business and legal practices, a hanko, also known as a personal seal, is often used as a signature or official stamp on documents. However, with the advancement of technology and the prevalence of digital signatures, the use of hanko on faxes is not commonly practiced or required.

Fax transmissions are generally considered to be informal and less secure than other methods of document transmission. In many cases, faxes are sent without physical signatures or seals, as the content of the fax itself is considered the binding element.

If you are specifically required or feel it is necessary to affix a hanko to a fax document due to specific legal or cultural requirements, it would be best to consult with the recipient or the relevant parties involved to confirm the appropriate procedures. They can provide you with the specific guidelines or requirements for hanko usage in fax transmissions based on their organizational or cultural practices.

Ultimately, the necessity of using a hanko on a fax document will depend on the specific context, cultural norms, and the preferences of the parties involved.

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You can also use a digital hanko. It is only like using a signature.

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Japanese workers want ChatGPT to help with decisions

how about just, you know, use gut feelings, logic and facts?

how normal people make choices.

simple things like weather.

if it’s 40 degrees outside, wear shorts or no jacket. Even if it’s In march or November. Yes…….it actually does get hot sometimes in those months….

or AC and heaters.

just because it’s May, doesn’t mean you CANT turn on the AC. Just because it’s October, doesn’t mean you have to blast the heater.

or better yet, don’t use “rules” from 1923 and say, we do this or we do that, just because we’ve always done it…..

evolve, make decisions, choose capable leaders and management.

don’t elect people based on fantasy and how long they’ve been somewhere.

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That’s an illusion, because it brings the same dilemma as in real life. What if AI system A is from this year and recommends decision A, but a newer and better AI system B is from next year and recommends decision B? Then of course still A is the Senpai and B the Kohai and the decision from the older system is probably chosen.

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That’s the worst thing you can do. It’s no better than going to YouTube, now filled with auto created content that is just. plain. false.

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Do they actually want to be able to pass the blame for bad decisions on to Google?

What sort of magic are they expecting from this gimmickware? It knows nothing about their personal circumstances. And quite a bit may be lost in translation.

I suppose it is the modern version of the Oracle of Delphi. Ironically, Oracle are the only big tech company not to shovel this 'AI' cack out.

A warning. Citing a higher power, such as Google, won't get you off the hook. Telling your boss that ChatGTP (or God) told you to buy 4 million sprockets when you only needed 12 will still have you counting paperclips in Sapporo.

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