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Japan's hit Tamagotchi virtual pet toy goes color


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Had no idea these were still around. This retread strikes me very much like all the Hollywood remakes of older tv shows and books. Evidence of a total bankruptcy of ideas.

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“By portraying more realistic and varied scenes, the product is designed to intensify the attachment users feel toward the Tamagotchi they raise,”

And that's exactly what Japan needs right now: it's kids feeling intense attachment to cheap toys. It's bad enough everyone's glued to their cell phones and DSes.

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5,040 yen Tamagotchi? that is to expensive, you can download pets to your phone these days.

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This thing just won't die! I had one at primary school...

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The article makes it sound as if Japan has 40 million girls aged 7-9.

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The article makes it sound as if Japan has 40 million girls aged 7-9

But it does ... or did you not mean mentally?

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