Japan's iPhone craze attracts global app developers


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I used to love the iphone when nobody here had one. Now everybody has one. Going for the android now. heh

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Now that the yen has been at about 80 to the dollar for a while maybe Apple should start using that exchange rate rather than 120.

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and why cell phones are called “galakei,”

They are? Hilarious! I have never heard this term in all my years in Japan. Must be a techie thing.

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I am going to ask my Japanese friends to try to say this word. Must be a doozie like McDonald's

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Papaguilio, you are a true pioneer. i'm waiting for you to set the next trend for japan to follow

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majimeaussie - They've apparently started doing that with the Apple TV. Here it's ¥8800 and in the States I got mine for $99 while I was home in October. I honestly thought they wouldn't bring Apple TV here because who wants to buy or rent J-TV shows and the very limited library of movies that they have.

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Who ever thought the App would kill the computer? But in a mobile society like Japan the cell or tablet makes more sense to most. Android Apps close #2 ---> #1.

Apple TV is making a resurgence with the new OS (better f(x) with iPhone/Mac and lower price point. Blu-Ray players with WiFi and Apps also.

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All about Android.

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