JP Rakuten Logistics completes 1st on-demand drone deliveries in Japan to metropolitan high-rise apartment complex


JP Rakuten Logistics Inc, a joint venture company between Rakuten Group Inc and Japan Post Co Ltd, has participated in the Technical Study Group of Drone Delivery Committee in Chiba City, which aims to implement drone-based deliveries in metropolitan areas. As part of the committee’s initiatives, JP Rakuten Logistics conducted trials of on-demand deliveries using drones to deliver supplies from a logistics facility in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture, to a Chiba City high-rise apartment complex *1 of over 100m in height, spanning a two-week period from Dec 1 to Dec 16, 2021. These trials mark the first time in Japan drones were used to successfully conduct on-demand deliveries for a metropolitan high-rise apartment complex.

The trial used drones with a maximum payload of 7 kg to deliver goods such as first-aid kits, emergency food provisions and medical supplies ordered by residents of The Makuhari Bayfront Tower & Residence high-rise apartment complex in Chiba City. Orders were made using a specialized website and were sent from the parking lot of the Prologis Park Ichikawa 3 logistics facility in Ichikawa City to the heliport on the rooftop of the apartment complex, covering a one-way distance of nearly 12km that included a flight over Tokyo Bay and public roads.

 JP Rakuten Logistics said it will continue working to create delivery services using drones by making use of the drone delivery expertise gained through conducting these trials for metropolitan area drone deliveries.

 *1 A building of 60m or more in height, according to the Building Standard Law of Japan.

Source: Rakuten

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Very nice!

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US military are experts at delivering payloads via drones at very long distances

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According to Value Market Research, the growth of the drone logistics market is mainly because of the growing demand for drones in military and commercial applications. Moreover, the applications of drones in the commerce sector for faster deliveries will increase with the governments of various countries (specially developed) easing the rules and regulations regarding the usage of drones.

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