JR East eyes introduction of walk-through ticket gates in few years


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I wonder how many people will be accidentally passing through their proposed no barrier gates without knowing it? I can imagine a long line to talk to the gate attendant, "I didn't know there was a gate! Can I get a refund?" Or being charged and not even knowing it. I think there are many hurdles to cross before this becomes reality. As it is now, my phone using the Suica app has trouble being read if it is in a leather pouch for instance.

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The first problem I see with this is, many phone cases are made to have IR protection to prevent distance hacking.

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You can already walk through the gates to get to the platform...

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I hope those without a smartphone will still be able to travel.

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What will happen if it malfunctions, doesn’t recognize you? Will there be a way to prove yourself? If not, I see a great excuse to skip work!

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Ah... the controversial Facial Recognition for which China has been so highly criticized of late. Seems that it's now deemed okay elsewhere in the World....

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