The automated kiosk on the platform at JR Akabane Station in Tokyo Photo: CHINAMI TAKEICHI

JR places automated kiosk on platform at Akabane Station in Tokyo


JR East has placed an automated kiosk on a platform at Akabane Station in Kita Ward, Tokyo, in a trial using AI. The kiosk began operating on Wednesday.

The kiosk, fully automated with no human workers, contains nearly 120 cameras that read what products a customer has picked up and follows them to the cash register. The customer then confirms the items on a screen and pays with prepaid IC cards.

JR East said it is developing automated kiosks due to a staff shortage and seeks to improve the quality of cameras before actual implementation.

The kiosk is on the platform for lines 5 and 6. It sells a variety of 140 products including drinks, bread items and snacks. It will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. during Monday to Friday for two months.

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in other words, it's just a big, fat vending machine.

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Then human workers, aka carbon-based AI robots, come along and refill the shelves!

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do they use a terminator for shoplifters?

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There are so few seats provided at Akabane station (a tiny handful on the platforms, none at all in the station building or outside the ticket gate) I wonder where people will consume all the snacks and drinks they buy? Inside the trains?

God forbid they have to eat standing up! We all know that humans lack that capacity...

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Amazing! I hope this expands all around the JR network. Further proof that Japan can continue to thrive with shrinking population. Mass immigration is not "inevitable".

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