Jury hits Apple with $234 mil tab in chip patent case


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@ ebisen, beat me to it. They'd be better off just settling and move on to their next "innovation".

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Exactly. Apple likely has about $15 billion in cash-on-hand at any time.

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More evidence that the patent system is broken.

Patents were originally designed to allow the advancement of humanity through technical innovation that would be protected for 17 years if the innovation was revealed. The inventor was supposed to BUILD the damn thing. Now people are science-fictioning (my word) would may happen and never investing a penny or yen in anything except the patent itself.

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What the authorities really need to go after are all the unpaid taxes to help pay for the huge environmental and social costs this corporation off-loads around the planet.

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If this jury award sticks, it's enough money to make them think twice about cheating again, which is the main point of the matter.

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Go Badgers!

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Peanuts im guessing they made much much more profits from the sale of there products infringing on the University Wisconsin Uni patent, slap on the wrist for Apple

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Apple - "steal different"

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I wonder how many thumbs down a comment would get if I typed that the Earth revolves around the Sun? depends if your being sarcastic then you may get a couple of thumbs up and down, if your being serious then most definately a thumbs down, everybody know the universe revolves around the earth, geeezz!

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I've only read the title/heading and without looking at the news peace, it's in the USA right?

Only in America........

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