K computer No. 1 in four benchmarks at HPC Challenge Awards


RIKEN, the University of Tsukuba, and Fujitsu Limited announced Thursday that they received top-ranking in all four benchmarks for the performance results of the K computer at the 2011 HPC Challenge Awards.

The awards were announced on Nov 15 at SC11, the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis taking place in Seattle.

The first-place rankings in the HPC Challenge Awards were received in the following four benchmarks used for evaluating the all-around performance of a supercomputer: 1) Global HPL; 2) Global RandomAccess; 3) EP STREAM (Triad) per system; and 4) Global FFT.

RIKEN said the HPC Challenge Awards demonstrate that, in addition to achieving successive top-place rankings on the June and November 2011 editions of the TOP500 list measuring LINPACK computational speed, the K computer is evaluated very highly in all-around performance as a general-purpose supercomputer.

The K computer is currently under joint development by RIKEN and Fujitsu.

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ughh... my braincells just died from understanding this

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Is this the computer that Ren Ho thought should settle to be second best?

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So when can I get one for my home. I need something more powerful for my games.

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at $1 billion seems a waste of money too make the Japanese feel good about themselves, also have the #1 spot wont last for long since theres a new supercomper being built in the US to be called the Cray Titan which will be well over 20petaflops double what the K runs now. Also the K uses intel & nvidia processors which make the K not exactly a 100% Japanese super computer No?

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wtfJapan, it's a waste of money? From what you say, the US is going to be king of the wasters, then.

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Isn't Seattle a place famous for Micro$oft?

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LOL, great point sourpuss. @wtfJapan, using your logic, Intel processors are designed by many Indian engineers in India, and made in China, so it's not really American is it ?

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movie Armageddon - "American Components, Russian Components, all the same, all made in Taiwan!"

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however you look at it its another $1billion of wasted taxpayer money, whats the total at now $10trillion thats about $80,000 for every man woman and child in Japan. Another $billion to say your #1 at something for about 6months. Renho was wright all along, oh but she deosnt know what she talking about because she half Taiwanese & a woman wright?LOL

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@wtfJapan, however you look at it, America will be the biggest water of tax payers' money according to your logic.

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Also the K uses intel & nvidia processors which make the K not exactly a 100% Japanese super computer No?

While there's nothing wrong with using intel and nvidia (might even bee more cost efficient for all I know), K uses SPARC processors developed by Fujitsu, the architecture being originally created by Sun. It's the only SPARC based supercomputer among the top 100.

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wtfjapan: you've been corrected already before in a different article (November 5th) claiming the K was made up of Intel and NVidia processors. Or are you talking about the TSUBAME 2.0? About the Cray Titan, well, it isn't built yet and Fujitsu also announced the FX 10 that will supposedly surpass the Titan.

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looks like funding will be cut for the K anyways. comes down to who is prepared to blow the most cash to build the fastest computer, in this case the Americans will win again. I dont really case whos got the fastest just know Japan cant afford to keep wasting money which future generations will have to pay for. All that matters to me is when the Japan finally implodes ive got residence in three other countries so can abandon ship and watch as the rest go down with the ship. LOL

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R&D is never a waste of money. Yes, some $1 billion was invested in a computer design and soon other computers of this type will be bought and installed at NTT DoCoMo's server farm, at airport air traffic control centers and wherever there is a need for fast computers to process lots of data in real time. Currently there are thousands of these machines in use just to keep the internet running and to handle phone traffic and many hundreds more will be needed.

So, yes the machine is expensive, the government and the university has spent a lot money designing a computer that can do the same thing as 1 million PS3's linked together with a distributed computing software package. But, then again the K computer takes up only 1/100th the space that 1 million PS3's would take up.

I'm sure the university already has buyers lined up and all the programmers and designers already have locked in good jobs to go to once they graduate.

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