Kawasaki Heavy develops cost-competitive way to make ethanol from farm waste


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Farm wastes, manures, humanures, human excrement, sewage) all make methane. Methane stores in standard propane bottles. Methane fuels cars already? Going to methanol might impose a cost that simply is not worth the trouble?

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" a cost that is competitive with imported ethanol made from food products, such as sugar cane. "

Well, that means setting the bar not very high at all! Growing food plants to produce alcohols is absurdly expensive as an energy source (think of using your local liquor shop as a gas station substitute...).

If they want to present a viable alternative to fossil fuels, they have to do way better than that. As it stands, this is more government-subsidy based-waste for reasons of political correctness. In other words: Green insanity.

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Japanese technology at work. Continue research so we stop depending on fossil fuels from unstable countries who hold nations hostage.

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The use of garbage and sewerage mix would make a better fermentation product for extracting a fuel from.

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