KDDI, SoftBank say NTT's broadband plan risks monopoly revival

By Teppei Kasai

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Lazy unimaginative telcos trying to milk old tech in a mature market at risk of massive disruption.

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"Of course, we’ll be fair,” well, this man, I'm telling you, this man knooows how to tell a lie.

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Such an outdated business plan. I mean really, who would go for this?!

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I think what they mean is that it will offer actual competition and not the illegal price fixing this nation depends so much upon. Go for it, NTT. Let the others either fall behind and fade out or keep up and prices for the consumer lower in general.

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But NTT selling DoCoMo the service risks reviving the former monopoly of NTT, which is still 36 percent government owned...

Anyone who thinks Japan is a true free-market economy is simply blind to the facts. The government owns nearly 40% of the largest telecommunications company, a huge share of Japan tobacco, and large stakes in many other companies/industries, including rail companies, etc. Which is why prices are so crazy high there. The government has no incentive to have real competition, as it would simply lower the income they make from these firms, which they need desperately as part of their budget.

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It an only be a monopoly if the government prevents competitors from offering the same services or better services. If there are laws blocking the ability of nddi and softbank from selling their own fibre and wireless the Yes a monopoly exists because monopolies are only created by government protection. There has never been a monopoly without government creating and protecting it. If capitalism is truly in play, prices are controlled by the consumer. A company can only raise prices above what customers will pay when government is regulating those prices in some way.

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The minute business start to capture more of a market, they bed themselves with the rule makers so they can manipulate markets in their favour, all the while talking about how virtuous the "free" market system of perfect competition is. This is why lobbyists with ties to government are valued so highly. It is such an incestuous relationship we should now talk about corporate states rather than democratic governments

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only DoCoMo lacks a fiber-optic component.

I always wondered why NTT DoCoMo don't provide any discount for using NTT Fiber optic Internet like Au KDDI is giving. Now I understand. I think it may decrease bills of some using DoCoMo mobile and internet from NTT

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