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KDDI unveils new models in au smartphone IS series


KDDI Corp will release three new models of its au smartphone IS series in late December. All three models feature Android operating system and vary in types from those with functions that are unique in Japan, such as Osaifu-Keitai, one-segment TV broadcasting, infrared light communications, and e-mail with "@ezweb.ne.jp" address, to a global model made overseas.

The REGZA Phone IS04 adopts visual technology that Toshiba Corp developed with its TV series REGZA to enjoy high-quality visual images. In addition to functions common in Japan, such as one-segment TV broadcasting and Osaifu-Keitai, the model is made water-proof to be used comfortably by customers currently using conventional mobile handsets.

IS05 is a handy-sized smartphone for female customers, focusing on easy usage and communication quality. It can shoot high-definition movies, which makes it more fun to connect to your friends by sharing high-resolution videos.

SIRIUSα IS06 is a global standard model featuring the latest Android operating system Froyo.

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aren't all phones usually "handy-sized"? Or should men have to carry suitcase-sized ones? and why should women's phones focus on easy usage and communication quality? what are they implying?

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Can we get Osaifu-Keitai on our iPhones here?

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Females need something cute, easy-to-understand, pink, with Disney characters both on the body of the phone, in all its menus and submenus, and in the email address. And a big hole to dangle fluffy things on, and small enough size to put in their bags. Nothing too complex, because, of course, they are females. Just like old people need a plastic brick with 12 very large buttons. This is common sense.

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My guess is that since these are Android phones, the "handy-sized smartphone for female customers" means that it has a smaller screen. Some of the Android phones are really wide compared to normal Japanese phones. However, my guess is this is all marketing (i.e., how do we sell a phone with a smaller screen).

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Hahahaha..... Too little, and far too late. It's like when Window's '98 copied Apple '80s. Let me guess... Android has the little pop out keyboard -- which means heaps of moveable parts and things easily broken. Not to mention that all applications are made for iPhone. Losers.

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smithinjapan.....my android does not have a pop out keyboard, and there are thousands of apps to choose from just like iphone. oh I forgot to mention my android phone is much better than my previous iphone.

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