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Kindle sales on fire: Amazon


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But the fire has had a lot of problems

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Wow - way to feed the Amazon propaganda advertising machine....

A million a week during December sounds soooo impressive until you see that Apple activated 4.2 million IOS devices on Christmas day ALONE...

If Kindle Fire is on fire them what words exactly should we use to describe Apple and Android device sales during the same period ???

This whole article is just one big press release from Amazon...

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But the fire has had a lot of problems

It mostly has some software problems which amazon plans to smooth out. The price is unbeatable and, for people for whom this will be their first tablet and thus have no expectations, this will be a great product. Its market is not current iPad owners it's potential iPad/tablet/slate owners who wish a lower cost device.

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@Fredster It's hilarious that an Apple disciple complains about other companies getting free publicity. Irony, anyone?

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My friend got a Kindle fire, I say it blows. My Lepan tablet (a great tablet from an unknown company) blows it away.

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Its not that cheap, US200 for a small tab

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any hint on how to get a kindle fire in japan? are they outlawed in japan? or will i have to pay double? compare the kindle fire for 200 bucks to over-priced, under-performing japanese tablets, and you'll realize japanese electronics has lost all sense of innovation and competitive pricing. i love japan, but the electronics part of it is falling way behind the times, it's doomed, but they don't see the writing on the wall

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All Kindles add up to about 4 million sold in December. That's not what I would call on fire.

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Kindle is best as an e-reader. I really like the screen for reading on the Kindle 3 (available for Japan) and you can get some very basic internet usage with the free, always-on, 3G connection or wi-fi (OK for news, reference, e-mail etc.)

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@TakahiroDomingo: Just wait, there will be a Japanese version coming out soon (made in China of course) named "蝋燭の火" which will have easy access to Amazon Japan and Rakuten webstores.

Seriously though, just like the Blackberry, there has to be a company here in Japan who will handle the technical aspects of the e-book reader, as well as manage the sales and payment methods.

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They need a tablet with built in Suica function lol

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By the way, in regards to my post above, the "蝋燭の火" reads "rousoku no hi", which I just made up, literally meaning "candle flame", as opposed to "kindle fire".

But yes, Badge213, thanks for reminding me the o-saifu function, even though I haven't used it yet.

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Kindle Fire is easier to buy as gifts than iPad or other expensive tablets because it is a lot cheaper. Lighter on the wallet, more # of people they could gift it for, less gifter's remorse. Ergo, the surge in sales.

Kindle Fire is basically for people who don't need all the power of an iPad or other expensive tablets, and don't want to pay premium price neither, for power that they're not gonna need nor use. They just want something simple for what they'd use it for. There's an untapped market.

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I have a Kindle app on my iPad2 and use it to read books, and they look great.

I appreciate having the other apps too, but sure wish there was a lot of free wi-fi in Japan. Sucks.

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Kindle Fire - one million sold by Amazon in December.

Kindle Fire - 900,000 on sale on Ebay in January!

I agree with Fredster.

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I can't really see why anyone would want to read a 'book' on a tablet, but then... I DO read my 'newspaper' on the internet.

Kindles are not bad as e-readers, but that's all they're good for. And of course, despite not meeting expectations, Amazon is going to pump the Kindle and impress that sales were up at Christmas. Stands to reason.

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Someone showed me a Kindle (the BW version) once and I was impressed with it. Easier to read than an iPad, but a one trick pony. The Fire on the other hand, doesn't seem to be one thing or the other. It's very buggy and I certainly wouldn't buy one on the off chance that Amazon will smooth out the wrinkles at some later stage.

For real reading, you can't beat the printed page, IMO.

For everything else, the Fire is crippled.

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I went to Japan and sampled them all and the I came back to the USA and immediately bought stock in APPLE.

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Kindle? Nahhh... I am from old school. I wanna touch, smell and highlight everything what I read.

When I was overloaded with courses in college days, I highlighted the important issues on topic for each chapter. I never took notes. Amazing! When everyone else was in panic going around like chicken without a head for the finals, all I had to do was to go over the highlighted (has to be Yellow color for some reason) key points to summarize the course. Since then I still need to highligh everything what I read. Maybe you may say this is a bad habit, but it works for me. No Kindle and save money.

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More like the device would start a fire due to its crap battery :P

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