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Kokuyo, Murata, Intel develop wireless charging desk


Kokuyo Furniture Co, Murata and Intel have teamed up to create a wireless charging desk prototype that allows users to charge compatible devices that are placed onto it.

The desk, designed for office use, has a wireless device charging system, developed by Murata Machinery, built in. It also has embedded charge indicator lights that on the desk surface. Some 25W of wireless power can be transmitted to any device compatible with Murata's Wireless Power Transmission Modules, Murata said on its website.

Murata has for some time been developing wireless charging systems that use capacititive coupling, electromagnetic induction, magnetic resonance and radio waves.

The three companies said that the prototype is designed to offer a glimpse at a potentially more mobile, cable-free workspace of the future. The technology will be demonstrated at CEATEC 2012, which is scheduled to take place Oct 2-6 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba.

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Excellent idea, looking forward to seeing it at the CEATEC`12.

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wireless charging desk prototype - if the source is the sun? imagine intel in 2080 which create a new products sun powered with 0.1V of suns heat. 1900, electricity CABLES 220V. 2000, electronic BATTERY 4V. 2080, inteltronic NOTHING 0.1V.

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This product looks like it will be infringing on several patents and simply a copy of things that have already been shown AND TESTED.

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No iphone though, Apple decreed this technology unnecessary for it's loyal fanbase.

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CaveDwellerSep. 30, 2012 - 09:32PM JST

No iphone though, Apple decreed this technology unnecessary for it's loyal fanbase.

So apparently this is on topic but explaining that THESE COMPANIES ARE LATE TO THE WIRELESS CHARGING PARTY is not...

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Health concerns : We are exposed to numerous wave fields with radioactivity ( though weak ) resulted from endless list of wireless devices. The idea of a charging table ( all gadgets ) is not a revolution I presumed but it needs to be accompanied with a charging SEAT for the exhausted human owners !

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