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Kyocera starts operation of 230kW solar power generating system at Fukushima plant


Kyocera Corp says it has significantly increased the size of the solar power generation system at its Tanagura manufacturing plant in Fukushima Prefecture, by 194kW to a total of 230kW — making it the largest installation at a domestic Kyocera Group facility. The full installation began operation on June 30. Kyocera has been proactively installing solar power generating systems at its headquarters, manufacturing plants and sales offices both in Japan and overseas as part of a wider policy to reduce the company's environmental burden.

With power supply shortages expected during the next few months due to the effects of the March 11 earthquake, the Japanese government has placed restrictions on electricity use to require high-volume users in the Tohoku Electric Power Co and Tokyo Electric Power Co service areas to reduce electricity consumption by 15% compared to last year.

In response, Kyocera revised its installation schedule to prioritize this facility in order to achieve concrete energy conservation goals. This further increase gives the plant a total of 230kW in total — which at peak performance, will cover 8.2% of the facilities energy use, allowing it to reduce its consumption of grid-provided electricity. In combination with the solar energy produced, the facility expects to be able to achieve its 15% energy-reduction target by undertaking various measures such as using power generators, setting air-conditioning to 28 degrees Celsius (82.4 F), turning off unnecessary lighting, and setting all office computers to low-power mode.

With this recent addition, 26 locations in the Kyocera Group's global network are solar power-equipped with a total of over 2.2MW.

Including the Tanagura Plant, the Kyocera Group has a total of 8 facilities within the Tokyo Electric Power Company and Tohoku Electric Power Co service areas which will be affected by the power consumption regulations. Recently, the company also installed a 130kW system at Kyocera Elco Corporation's new headquarters and a 58kW solar power generating system at its Yokohama office, and plans to implement energy reduction targets of over 15% at all of the 8 locations by instituting energy conservation measures targeting air conditioner use, stand-by equipment, and lighting.

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Wow. 230kW would power about a 100 homes. Bravo!

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Well done Kyocera!

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****Go kyocera Go All new constructions should be fitted with solar power by law

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Efficiency of solar is improving... and makes a great supplement to any grid, but it will never be a replacement.

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@hereandthere - any future grid needs to be a mix of energy sources. Look up nano antennas to see one future possibility in solar efficiency - even if they only achieve 50% efficiency it would be enough to sink fossil fuels. Kyocera should be congratulated for doing their bit to reduce their impact on the peak load.

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Good to hear. But the low yield says to me that solar is mostly a locally based energy source. If nuclear plants are mainframes, solar is mostly a PC, at least for the moment.

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Solar is Great, if the sun is shining. And here comes another: "Panasonic develops tubes for geothermal electricity generation, waste heat recovery". Japan will, as always, succeed in adjusting to it's needs with innovation and creativity irregardless of the curmudgeon stick-in-the-mud old guard. But that is true of many societies. Geo-thermal and other earth-bound technologies (wind, or maybe tidal) is the way forward.

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