Kyocera unveils new innovations for advanced driver-assistance systems


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Without a GPS map it worthless

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Yrral Today  07:59 am JST

Without a GPS map it worthless

As stated in the first and second paragraphs of this article, this camera-lidar is part of the 'driver assistance' system, making it more accurate. There's lag time with current systems and this camera-lidar will reduce that. It has absolutely nothing to do with GPS based navigation.

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Hillclimber,GPS is the importance of any AI navigation,lidar just detect object in front of the car,mapping is the most important component Google Deep Map AI

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None of this nonsense is a replacement for a driver who pays attention, has good driving habits and who knows how to handle their car in an emergency. In addition who is going to fix this stuff when it breaks and how much does that cost?

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