Lab crunch: British science has nowhere to go

By Kate Holton

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lack of a coherent approach in Britain to everything

It's the story of Britain. Incompetent management has been rife. At one point it was all blamed on bolshie labour but when that was removed the serial incompetence continued.

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Who cares, that’s just normal in capitalism. Do they think they’re alone on this planet and with their problems? Many or nearly all people and companies have big dreams and ideas, want to bring something into development, production or sales, but don’t have the area, money or size of facilities to do so, while others just have more than enough of the money, buildings, grounds, investors and employees to easily put their projects and ideas into reality quickly in an instant. Can’t be helped, accept the situation, hope for more luck, keep your lab as it is or close it and do something else at another place. Crying out loud and wasting tears or time for complaints won’t help.

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Maybe because people no longer "Trust the science" !

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So what was the reason that they can’t relocate to another place/country? Do they need to go to the library in Oxford every day? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to work in a more isolated location?

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Crying out loud and wasting tears or time for complaints won’t help.

If you read the article it is not about crying or wasting time but people doing things about it.

Maybe because people no longer "Trust the science" !

How does this works in your mind? laboratories are expanding so much and so quickly that they are running out of space because people do not trust the science?

So what was the reason that they can’t relocate to another place/country? 

There can be many different reasons, having frequent cooperation with other labs, depending on the use of facilities or machines that are only available there, being in huge competition for students or staff that will always choose the laboratory that is more convenient, etc. etc.

There will be always labs that can relocate with ease, the problem is that not all can have that freedom, so when the space runs out the there will be always some that will still struggle.

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The rich stay rich in the UK by hoarding land, influencing politicians who make the laws- land is in plentiful supply around Oxford

Build some vertical buildings, state of the art on the outskirts and the problem is easily solved.

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It's a big problem - since Brexit - funding for research at the UK's universities has completely taken a nose-dive - did they not see that coming? I know a couple of PhDs in research in the UK - they're looking to immigrate abroad.

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Another Brexit bonus.

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One Brit young (mid-20s) biotech company founder (who founded his company with his professor) was asked, knowing what he knows now, what would he had done differently when he started his company right after college - he said, "should've moved to the US"

Due to Brexit, he's having more trouble getting funding, qualified lab workers, machine devices, clients, etc.

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Oh my dog, the lab is only a few klms from where I live in the UK with my girlfriend. Should I be afraid.....LOL!!

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Bwexit, bwexit, bwexit. Yes, thank God we were EU members during our industrial revolution and for a century afterwards, when we led the world in scientific development. Oh wait....

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