Larger version of Kindle Fire tablet unleashed


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when Amazon Japan catches up with content that the US amazon eco-system offers then I'd definitely consider one.

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"the market-leading iPad"

That won't change.

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Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Someone's living in a dream world.

Next year, Android will be leading.

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We'll see, won't we?

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Yep, we'll just watch as the iPad loses more market share. Just like the iPhone. When your products is no different than the rest, having a higher price tag isn't going to help you at all.

iPod was able to maintain it's lead, cause it's main purpose is to play music. When you're music is tied into their iTunes service, it's hard to move off. Not without blowing lots more money to rebuy what you already own. The service is of course more open now, but before 2009, you were stuck.

The iPhone and iPad simply don't have this kind of tie-in. You can phone, text, or surf the web on any other phone or tablet. Android also supports iTunes music (items purchase after 2009, when Apple got rid of the DRM bs). Video, not so much, but not a whole lot of people buy iTunes videos anyways. Instead people opt for Netflix.

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"When your products are no different from the rest"

Oh, but Apple's products are different from Samsung's. They're better.

What's the world's most valuable company again? Apple. Not Samsung by a long shot.

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Even at 50% but when in fact its 60%, the iPad is still the most bought tablet. Apple sold 3 million of the iPad mini wifi model during the first four days, and most of those buyers were buying a tablet for the first time or replacing another make. The Microsoft Surface which should be called the Microsoft Sink is failing to sell in any numbers first expected by Microsoft and the slow uptake of the new Windows 8, seven million licenses issued but will take a few years to overtake the most popular Windows 7 at 600 million. Probably the reason for the instant dismissle of the President Windows Section, Steven Sinosky.

In 2013, Apple expects to sell 200 million iPhones and 100 million iPads. The KIndle Fire, like the Windows Surface are wifi only. Apple have just released the cellular model. I checked it out today and was surprised it was better than I had expected.

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@Serrano Explain "better". Their products don't do anything different. Well, except not play nicely with other products.

Is that suppose to be a surprise that Samsung isn't as high on the list of value? If you notice, the top 10 companies on the list really only cater to a single portion of the market, while Samsung is in multiple portions. Apple deals with consumer electronics and software service for those electronics.

Samsung, makes consumer electronics, weapons, ships, oil refineries, power plants, machine tools, hotels, and theme parks. They also provide life insurance, advertising, etc. It's hard to give a company a value when it's value in the different markets vary. If Samsung only dealt with consumer electronics, I can see their value being much higher, but it simply isn't.


It's not 60%, I just showed you it's 50%. Multiple other articles will state such. That's the most recent marketshare percentages available.

Also really? Posting that Windows 8 hasn't sold nearly as well was Windows 7. Well...uhh....duh. Windows 7 has been on the market for 3 years. Windows 8 has been on the market for 24 days. Also the revamped portion of Windows 8 is going to make adoption slower than Windows 7, where the GUI is hardly different from any of the other NT derivatives.

Wifi only...some arguement point there. How about, iPad's crappy camera? iPad's crappy maps? iPad's crappy lack of memory card slot? iPad's crappy price? At the end of the day, iPad will end up with the least amount of marketshare. I don't expect Windows RT or Windows 8 Pro based tablets to hold a considerable amount of the market for the next 2-3 years, but once everyone is use to Windows 8, I think it'll pick up. By then though, Windows 9 will be out.

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