Latest iPads, Mac system expected at Oct 16 event


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I expect shorter iPhones. The iPhone has been way too long recently. Hard to reach the top of the screen.

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I ruined my iPad 2 with the latest update. Really sucks now.

I am an Apple fan though. Have about 20 computers for my business.

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The amount of pixels in a retina iMac could create a singularity and cause the universe to collapse on itself, leaving only a mosaic of elementary particles.

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Forget the hard/software. Don't you all know that the most important thing at a an Apple event is what color Scarf Guy's infinity scarf will be?

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Many people are still using iPads that they bought several years ago because the recent generations haven’t prompted them to spend another $500 to $700 for a new tablet.

iPads could get more powerful, but for what most people use their iPads, the extra power isn't worth another $500 plus. Most people use their iPads for small apps, low-resource programs. Unless they need it for more robust programs like Adobe or full-blown games. Can't even multitask! So that's why people are keeping what they have now and saving $500 till it's really needed. That's a lot of money to spend just for faster small apps. Once is enough for awhile.

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@ zichi - cheers for the heads-up! I'm in the market for an iPad to go with my MacBook so will check out the refurbish shop.

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Where can I find this refurnished shop?

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I believe that we'll see the following at the October 16, 2014 event: 1) updated iPads with A8X system on a chip (SoC), Touch ID sensor, improved touchscreen display and case colors in White, Space Gray and Champagne Gold; 2) the release of MacOS X 10.10 ("Yosemite"); 3) the release of iOS 8.1 with bug fixes and Apple Pay (there will be a demonstration of Apple Pay); 4) unveiling of the new iMac and Mac Mini models; and 5) unveiling of the new Apple TV streaming video box, now with the ability to run third-party written apps to add more streaming channels.

Alas, don't expect new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models until Apple can get quantities of Intel's new "Broadwell" technology CPU's and motherboard chipsets--those will likely come early February 2015.

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