Lawson, Radish Boya team up to offer online groceries


Convenience store giant Lawson and Radish Boya, a premium home delivery service offering organic, preservative-free produce under a selection of subscription payment plans, have teamed up to bring naturally grown food to the mass market online.

Both companies announced this week that from Nov 11, consumers will be able to access the Radish-Lawson Supermarket online grocery store. Radish Boya said it will continue to deliver vegetables, meat, fish, condiments and more under the new partnership.

In the past, Radish Boya members would usually choose a service plan and receive a box of selected fresh produce. However, Lawson announced that under the Radish-Lawson system, customers will be able to order just a single item, if they wish.

Radish Boya will continue to supply high quality, fresh, organically farmed produce that is free of preservatives under the new joint venture. Lawson said that any allergens contained in products will be clearly indicated on the web page.

A spokesperson said that unlike previous Radish Boya services, signing up to the website will require no annual fee. It was also announced that when the site goes live, there are expected to be around 1,000 items available for purchase. Lawson said that fruit, vegetables and other fresh goods will be harvested after customer orders are placed, to ensure freshness upon delivery. The shortest expected delivery time is just three days.

The Radish-Lawson service will continue to offer its My Radish Box selections of seasonal and Lawson Private Brand goods, that can be delivered weekly. Lawson added that it plans to offer vegetables grown on Lawson Farms before the end of the year.

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Um...also radioactive free?

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Food from western Japan please...........

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I use and like Radish Boya and this sounds great. My only peeve has been that you could not order on line and only by using their paper order forms. And the glossy magazine and many sheets of paper that they send every week that lists their products. Way too much.

@ kurisupisu: you can get a plan where the fruit and veges only comes from western Japan. That is what we have delivered every week.

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Link, please?

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I have heard from friends that they are selling food from the Tohoku area. No thanks.

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Looks like you can order online though. Here is the link:

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I think Radisha boya blew the whistle on the tea wholesalers in Shizuoka that had tea with high radiation levels.

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